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Firstly, thanks again for yesterdays experience, it was absolutely fantastic.
The more interesting fact that has arisen to day, is my ‚Äútail‚. I believe I explained to you about my fall, and that most of the pain was eventually resolved by a physio manipulating the tail over a four or five weekly appointment. Well it was never perfect but acceptable. Well this morning I had no dull pain at all. Now several hours later there is a slight dullness there, but hardly anything. It will be interesting to see how it behaves over the next couple of days. Another point of interest was that I didn't feel like driving when I initially left you, my feet and fingers were still tingling as I sat there in the car and I was a bit concern that I wouldn't sense the controls fully. After a while I felt reasonable, yet even now my finger tips are still 'fuzzy'.
Listen Angel, you were fantastic and I wish you all the best in the future.
From your New Tantric fan.
as this was my first tantric massage had really no idea what to expect, well it was a magic experiense as far as i was concerned right from the start, you took your time expalined as you went along and guess i can sum it up in a few words felt very relaxed felt safe in your company playing with my senses was fun n relaxing was able to let my mind stay open n be clear to experience new things your different types of touch were amazing. The erotic massage was just total bliss the different methods you used to awake my senses, fingernails, also all the other implements you used were just really wonderful feeling you opened up a side to me that day that i would like to explore further,
All in all Devi it was a totally magic day for me I felt so good and i kept those memeories with me for many days afterwards would love to experience again if you are happy to accept me again as a client thanks for your time

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