Tantric Healing

Holistic Tantric Massage Therapy for Men and Women

Devi is based on The Wirral, North-West England ~ Email: or Tel: 07983 692195
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Just replying to your feedback question. I guess you know I felt great. The session was fantastic. Techniques were great, relaxation and your pleasant character a bonus. Very good service!!! Keep up the good work. Thanks, IL
Amazing fantastic,. The food tasting was good - recommend you get some lychees. I don't think there's any way you could improve the session at all. You're a wonderful woman and I look forward to the next session. RG
You guided me in a way in which I had complete confidence in you, and felt completely trusting. I was nervous, naturally, on arrival, but you put me at ease, and reassured me to an extent I would not have thought possible.

Would I return? I think so, if you will agree, but not just yet. I need some time and space to take in the experience. Thank you for your gentle guiding through it, and for giving me the comfort I needed at the end of the appointment. I am glad to have found you and to have made contact and gathered courage to visit, and hope that sometime in the future, I will feel able to make a further visit. I hope, too, that you will be happy to accept me again, and to teach and guide me again. BM


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