Tantric Healing

Holistic Tantric Massage Therapy for Men and Women

Devi is based on The Wirral, North-West England ~ Email: or Tel: 07983 692195
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I'll start by saying that the tantric massage you gave me was a truly mind-expanding and amazing. It was a total experience from start to finish. You are a very skillful and talented practitioner! I really enjoyed the way that you awoke my senses of touch and taste and enabled me not to focus on the visual side of things. It is quite telling, in this respect, that I did not feel tempted to open my eyes once during the whole session.

...Again, thank you Devi, for the most incredible experience. I have learned so much about my self, my mind, and my senses. I apologise for this feedback being so detailed, and hope it hasn't been too self -indulgent, but take it as a measure of the impact the experience has had on me. In summary, you have enabled me to experience something that I only understood in theory - that sensuality and eroticism can be a gateway to the Greater Reality. I'm not sure when I'll be able to visit again, but I would really like to do so. PB

Hi Devi
the massage was very good better than i expected, very sensual, cant find anything wrong with it very very enjoyable experience, would love to book another, felt very relaxed after the massage.
many thanks

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