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Now I'm back where I started from..... and I just wanted to take this opportunity to convey my thanks and gratitude for your time and the way in which you looked after me whilst we were together. Over the past few days I have been reflecting upon the range of experiences and sensations both with you and afterwards. Firstly, and we may take a different approach to this, I feel I should apologise again for not being able to control myself and ejaculating so early and with little direct stimulation to my penis. I'd thought by now I would have left my teenage years behind me and been able to muster a bit more self control. Maybe it starts to go in the direction of mind over matter as to where I was 'in my head'..... but I do need to offer my thanks for the manner in which you dealt with it. I would also like to record how good the different range of sensations were with the variety of things you used..... I also enjoyed our conversation towards the end of our time together. From my viewpoint I would have liked to continue the chat but I know time was pressing for both of us. Our conversation in general has made me start to think about the relationship I am currently in and as to where and how it is going. Like you I go down the route that everything happens for a reason, at times the reason may not be clear...... so again many thanks for putting up and looking after me. I hope that I will be able to make another appointment with you.. if you'll have me back!! SE


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